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The Stories Behind Our Christmas Traditions

25 Dec 2017 | 26,682 Views

Christmas is filled with traditions we accept as part of the holiday experience. But how did we come to enjoy Santa Claus, Christmas trees, gift giving, candy canes and eggnog? While some traditions are deeply rooted in human history, dating back several hundred years, many Christmas customs have been realized in the last 150 years.

Dr. Mercola’s Weekly Quiz

06 Nov 2017 | 11,467 Views

Take this weekly quiz to see how well you remember what you read on Mercola.com last week.

When Great Superstars Endorse Bad Lifestyle Choices

09 Jan 2013 | 242,338 Views

She's an inspiring role model for millions of people, yet rather than using her image of success, health, talent, fitness and glamor for good... she's now promoting a product that increases your risk of obesity, heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Why You Likely Lie and Cheat a Little and What Changes That

11 Jun 2012 | 45,668 Views

Is it true that virtually everybody lies “just a little” if given the chance?

The Pleasure of Finding Things Out

13 May 2012 | 57,835 Views

From the beauty of nature to particle physics, a Nobel Prize Winner (who also happens to be a master storyteller) shares the joys of scientific discovery.

Obvious to You -- Amazing to Others

31 Mar 2012 | 40,600 Views

Your ideas are probably more interesting than you think they are!

Father and Daughter Acoustic Cover

29 Mar 2012 | 37,646 Views

Enjoy a heartfelt rendition of “Home” from this talented daddy-daughter duo.

People Who Failed… and Then Succeeded Beyond Their Wildest Dreams

17 Mar 2012 | 51,071 Views

If you’re on the cusp of giving up, take two minutes to remind yourself why failure is often a blessing in disguise.

You Can Do This!

08 Mar 2012 | 44,722 Views

You can achieve amazing things, if you believe you can.

10 Amazing Plants

03 Mar 2012 | 64,360 Views

From plants that dance to ones that are a thousand years old.